Andre told his sister that the bike’s name was Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday when she asked what the WTF stood for that was painted on the gas tank. That is not true, by the way, but we cannot say what the real names is (if you catch our drift)

Otto first brought Andre along for a visit to check out the ship and our work, This was many, many moons ago. That very same day, Andre dropped off WTF’s motor for us to rebuild. Since the we have done quite a few upgrades to this original Bourgette including the custom painted “Wednesday, Thursday, Friday”with gold leaf and pinstriping. 

Wayne machined a special front fork brace out of stock billet aluminium. He also beat and wheeled the rear fender from a brass sheet and machined a special aluminium brace for support.

There are loads of little extras to look at on the beauty, all the parts made from aluminium, stainless steel or brass, or forged with fire, or painted and pinstriped. And to add a bit of extra uniqueness, we installed a kick starter and suicide clutch with a jockey shift. But the hardest parts of Wayne was stitching the crocodile leather seat. 

The Morris Magneto also adds to the clean lines  and less wiring and is a must on every Custom Chopper build.

It is quite the handful, but oh so worth the ride. We got a side feature in the SA Hot Rod Magazine, but the goes under Wednesday, Thursday, Friday