S & S T143 Dyna

As we have mentioned, one of our newest and most exciting projects is a 2007 Harley Davidson Dyna.

Progress has been slow on the Punisher build.

The great news is that the S & S T143 motor is fitted into the frame. Wayne built and installed the Baker 6 Speed Grudge box into the original Harley transmission cases and mounted that into place. The Big Bear Chopper engine mounts we used will also be a good upgrade. Wayne made a slight modification to the fuel tank by welding close the dummy fuel cap and fitting the gauge into the reshaped dash panel. The dash panel was cut shorter and finished with a custom bras trim around the fuel gauge.

After fitting the new Ohlins rear shocks, there was a big gap between the tire and rear fender. Wayne designed and manufactured a new rear fender to hug the tire better, and by creating a stop to keep you in your seat upon HARD acceleration, as we are expecting to make +- 200ph and 200N.m

The hand-made seat pan fits tightly on the frame and flows nicely into the rear fender.

When it came to the exhaust, it was all about getting the gasses to flow as freely as possible and yet creating enough space between the motor, the exhaust, and the rider. To achieve that, we decided on a “Pie Cut” exhaust so that we could create the exact curves and radii needed. And who does not like a Pie Cut Exhaust?

Wayne got his inspiration from the MotoGP for the muffler design to round off the whole look. There will be approximately 9metres of welding to complete the exhaust.

The handel bars design is with just one purpose in mind, and that is to HOLD ON!

We beefed up the wheels by fitting Ride Right Fat50s and upgraded the rear tire from a 160 to a 200-section tire. We then wrapped them with Pirrelli treads.

The biggest challenge todate has been beating out a bikini fairing from a flat sheet of brass.Wayne has put many hours into this, shrinking and stretching, but he is almost there. He also needs to add a few finishing touches to the oil cooler scoop.

This horsepower machine is almost ready for start up. Watch for some video’s we will be posting on that.