Rocker C

The Big Boy Challenge.
Our biggest struggle with this custom build was to give the customer our impression of what a Rocker C should look like and get the Big Boy to fit on his ride …. he is 6ft plenty.

One of his requests was to fit a 23″ front wheel. The difficulty was getting the 23″ wheel to fit into the standard front end. And Wayne then had to manufacture a front fender that would fit and look good.

All Choppers need Ape Hangers, and this was befitting the Big Guy’s frame. Wayne gave the gas tank a 4″ lift to follow the angle of the backbone. And to enhance this look, Wayne cleaned up the gas tank. He removed and welded closed the fuel gauge on the left and relocated the filler neck to get in as much fuel into the tank as possible.

Wayne manufactured a new seat pan to give the Big Guy some more legroom. He shortened the rear and inner fender, again to enhance the chopper style. We fitted a Free State Chopper branded side mount number plate to help clean up the rear end and also integrated the tail light in the indicators. For a comfier ride, we installed Rear Adjustable air shocks for the Big Guy so that he could regulate the ride for his weight.

We were in a time crunch with this build. After shaping the seat sponge to the desired profile, we had to lean on my friend Des van Seventer from Stampede Leather for the custom leatherwork on the seat.

Any chopper needs a good custom paint job. Veruschka did a rendering for the Big gentleman based on the RIDE or DIE theme. Some airbrushed skulls with a distressed background were just what the customer ordered. It was an enjoyable custom job to do.

Thank you, Marius. Trust you will have many happy miles on your motorcycle.