Old Blue

When a customer brought a partial motorcycle in boxes saying”please build it”we were a bit apprehensive. A build like this could turn into a disaster and cost a small fortune.

Luckily John was rather patient with us. The finished result speaks for itself and was well worth the wait. John wanted the look of a 1942 model Harley Davidson. This is what we strive for with this full restoration.

All the original parts were wither chromed or painted. And all-new replacement parts, were imported from our suppliers in the USA. For the custom paint, we wanted to add that WOW factor. John showed us a photograph of the colour scheme he had in mind. Because of his colour blindness, we used a bit of discretion. We added both Flat and Pearlescent paint and incorporated an iconic, hand-laid gold leafed tank design. We also added a gold-leaf stripe between the two colours to enhance the look. Finally Wayne hand-stitched the leather seat cover with just gave it it that nostalgic touch.