LeMans Moto Guzzi

There is just something classic about Italian motorcycles with their style and smooth, effortless lines.

It’s very seldom a person gets to buy back the same motorcycle one rode when you were younger. Andre managed to do just that. We got the Moto Guzzi in for another customer, but that never materialized. When Andre happened to see the Guzzi, which he then bought, and so the “chop” began.

Wayne has made a lot of custom parts for this build. He truly loved beating and rolling the aluminum sheets, and forming them into the gas tank and the tailpiece for this cafe racer. These are still in raw form and not yet metal-finished. He redesigned the valve covers and added extra fins to assist in cooling and for form. And for extra protection, he made cylinder head protectors. To add uniformity, Wayne also redesigned the stator cover and the distributor cover. These were all milled out of billet aluminum. The speedo and tacho were fitted into machined housings and a simple faceplate for mounting.

The redesigned and miller exhaust header flanges add something intricate to the stainless steel headers Wayne also manufactured and welded. To round off the exhausts, we fitted imported period-correct Lafranconi mufflers that we had ceramic coated black.

We are upgrading the motor to a 1000cc, but there is still a bunch of modifications to do before this beauty can go to paint and we can add the finishing t