Lefty Davidson

This little XL1200 Sportster went through a bit of a transformation. From stock standard to an all around cool-run around town bike.
The overall is a clean, minimalistic look. Wayne did a mini-lift on the peanut tank and
dropped the front fender closer to the the tire. The rear fender was chopped for a better look and fit

Wayne manufactured and welded the perfect little exhaust from stainless to fit this compact ride

He also manufactured a new-sprung seat and beat out a copper base plate to cover up the battery to keep things tidy The rocker box covers were copper-plated and rims nickel -plated for a classic look. We gave this bike a two-tone custom paint job, black with Cola brown Candy and a hand laid copper leaf pinstripe.

There are other little nick-nacks that we added here and there,

Lastly, Wayne hand-tooled the leather seat for that vintage look.