Copper Head

What a be-spoked motorcycle this turned out to be. It is always monumental to help a customer create his dream motorcycle.

After confirming with Howard, we decided on an updated Board track racer from the early 1920s. We were going for a nostalgic look.

There is loads of eye candy to feast on and the best is we did this all in-house. Wayne fabricated the Aluminum gas tank and the sprung seat. Veruschka did all the copper leaf and old-school pinstriping by hand, and Wayne finished it off with a few layers of gloss clear coat. The rider footrests are also billet-milled aluminum. The Copper Dog bones are one of a kind, milled from solid brass. He also fabricated a custom exhaust that would suit a motorcycle of the era. The Springer front end added that extra Board track racer look.

Every part has a function including the copper-coated parts which leave for a nice clean minimalistic look.

We were also lucky enough to have this be-spoked build featured as a centerfold, in the South African version of the HOT ROD MAGAZINE. But have a look at the photographs and decide for yourself.