Wild Cherry Capone

When we started getting all the information ready to showcase on our website, we were astonished at the amount of work we had put out.

We almost forgot about this understated beauty and had to add it to our collection. We turned this standard 2011 Harley Crossbones into a cool 70s-style inspired custom chopper.

Wayne once again dropped and modified the front fender to bring it closer to the wheel. It’s a signature style that he does with most of our builds. Nobody wants a scrambler-type front mudguard sitting mid-air. He completely reshaped the rear fender and added custom-made struts for extra support. And for that added special retro look, he manufactured a seat pan and seat, which he then, riveted hand-tooled leather onto.

These Softail Harley’s come out with dual fuel filler caps. We added our special touch by welding the one filler cap closed for a smooth and understated look.

Wayne’s attention to detail makes his work stand out. He fitted a smaller headlight and manufactured a new headlight and turn signal brackets. For that added 70’s retro style, he fabricated custom-made exhausts that we had ceramic coated, and to top it all off, he fabricated copper heat shields to fit.

We painted a two-tone custom paint job using Wild Cherry candy and black with hand-laid silver leaf pinstripe and lettering.

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